Climate Action

A Just Transition to a 100% Renewable Energy Economy by 2035


From the 2013 Calgary floods and the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire, to thousands of other natural disasters unfolding around the world, we have no shortage of reminders that climate change is here and the need to act is urgent. In October 2018, the world’s top climate scientists warned that we need to change our economies drastically within 12 years if we are to rein in climate catastrophe.

But our governments have repeatedly failed to act on their climate promises, prioritizing the profits of fossil fuel corporations over our collective right to a safe and habitable future. They boast about climate plans that barely scratch the surface — while arguing that bold climate action will put our jobs and economy at risk. But there are already more people employed in green jobs across Canada than in fossil fuels. A just transition is not only possible, but is already underway in many European countries.

It’s time for Canada to catch up.

Climate change is not just a crisis — it’s an opportunity. It is an opportunity to transform Canada’s economy into one powered by 100% renewable energy; one that protects workers and their families, upholds Indigenous sovereignty, and holds fossil fuel corporations accountable in helping to fund this transition.

We will advocate for federal NDP action to:

  • Build a Just Transition. Create a multi-billion dollar Just Transition Fund to support the development of a zero-carbon economy. This fund would financially protect oil workers and their families during the transition, establish community-owned renewable energy projects, offer and expand free public transportation, invest in ecological agriculture, and support building retrofits for energy efficiency.
  • End Public Funding for Fossil Fuels. End billions of dollars in direct and indirect subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, including federal programs such as the Canadian Development Expense and the Canadian Exploration Expense.
  • Phase Out Fossil Fuel Extraction. Withdraw or deny government approval for fossil fuel infrastructure and expansion projects, including the Trans Mountain Expansion project and the Teck Resources Frontier Mine. Begin a gradual phase-out of fossil fuel production — while ramping up renewable energy production — to meet our climate commitments.
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