Housing as a Human Right.


There are 11,300 Edmontonians without a home, with Indigenous peoples making up 48% of our homeless population (despite being only 5% of the population). An additional 20,000 households spend more than half their income on rent, forced to make impossible decisions about which essentials must be sacrificed, whether utilities, health care, or food. This is unacceptable, especially when our country has enough wealth to provide good homes for every one of us.

Due to preferential government regulation, housing has come to be bought and sold for profit like any other commodity. But housing is not like any other commodity, it is a human right. We need significant reform of our current legal framework to affirm the right of each citizen to live in security and dignity. The federal government can no longer prioritize the profit of banks, hedge funds and private equity firms over people.


We will advocate for federal NDP action to:

  • Invest in and expand the construction of non-market, co-op, and social housing. Restore the federal government’s role in constructing co-op and social housing and prioritize those most in need of housing.
  • Ensure accessible and low-cost housing for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Invest in affordable short- and long-term care homes and permanent-supportive housing.
  • Provide income support for rent to those at risk of becoming homeless. Invest in supports and services for those transitioning from homelessness into housing.
  • Provide funding for Indigenous communities to develop and ensure safe and affordable housing.
  • Shift legal framework to side with residents. Introduce laws that explicitly affirm the social function of housing. Prohibit foreclosures and evictions that would result in homelessness. Facilitate the temporary expropriation of vacant housing.



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