We're building a movement in Edmonton Strathcona. Join us!

Showing your support can look many ways, from voting, volunteering, to donating.



We may only need several hundred votes to win the nomination! If you're an NDP member living in Edmonton Strathcona, you can vote! Mark off Monday, November 26 in your calendar, so you can join us and vote for Paige. The in-person vote will take place at Holyrood School, and will begin with registration at 5:30 pm. 


Whether or not you live in the riding, you can join us connect with residents in the neighbourhoods of Edmonton Strathcona! We need help bringing our vision for the future to this community. Whether talking on their doorstep or over the phone, you can help share Paige's story with the people of Edmonton Strathcona. Get in touch today!


Contribute to the movement financially! Your donations go the distance in building our movement. They'll be used to create campaign materials, host events, and spread the word to even more residents in Edmonton Strathcona. Whether you're inside or out of the riding — or even outside Edmonton — you can donate to our campaign! Support us today.



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