Before I can run in the general election against the Liberal and Conservative candidates, I need to win the NDP nomination race in Edmonton Strathcona.


WHEN: Monday, November 26, 2018

WHERE: Holyrood School (7920 94 Ave NW)

WHAT: Nomination Meeting for the Edmonton Strathcona NDP Candidate

WHO: Residents of Edmonton Strathcona who are members of the NDP party (for minimum 30 days)


Nomination Meeting Schedule

5:30 - 7:15 pm — Voter Registration

6:45 - 7:15 pm — Speeches

7:30 — Casting Ballots


What to Bring with You

  • Members must bring a piece of ID that confirms their identity.

  • If you ID does not show your current address within the riding, please bring proof of address. This might include a piece of personal mail, a utility bill, car insurance, etc.

  • If you joined the party within the past two months, please bring proof of your membership. This might be an email confirmation from the NDP or your bank statement showing a fee paid to the NDP.


Please note:

There will be no advance polls, absentee ballots, or late voting. All members hoping to cast a ballot must attend the meeting in-person.

If you need a ride or transit information for the vote, please contact us.


Will you be voting for Paige on November 26? Let us know! Pledge your vote!



Will you be voting for Paige on November 26? Let us know! Pledge your vote!

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    Paige's nomination makes me so inspired and full of hope. It's an honour to get to cast my ballot for her on Monday.
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